• State of the art tracking technology
  • Temperature Sensor
  • Accelerometer / Motion Sensor
  • Reporting frequency
  • GeoFence alerts

A Closer Look

Octaleus is an all-in-one, credit card sized device that features global tracking coverage and up to 4 months battery life on a single charge. It is an ideal solution for tracking assets across the globe by marrying multiple technologies. Octaleus provides a turn-key tracking solution that comes ready to use out of the box with a global SIM card, Android, iOS and web tracking app that can be customized to accommodate the client’s requests and use cases.

Here are some of the Key Features that Octaleus offers its users.

Unlike GPS alone, Octaleus uses additional methods to detect the asset’s location and is extremely accurate indoors.

Octaleus uses accelerometer to detect different types of motion. Now you can trigger Octaleus to report when motion or fall are detected.

Works in most countries over GSM network, now supports 3G networks, also Location Sharing. Multiple users can track one device.

Up to 4 month on a single charge, depending on the reporting frequency.

Now you can view the ambient temperature and trigger Octaleus to report when it reaches a certain threshold.

Now you can connect Octaleus to your car USB and forget about charging it. USB cable is included.

Octaleus Business Solutions

  • foto Light Weight and the Size of a Credit Card Octaleus utilizes multiple different technologies to pinpoint an asset’s location with a battery life unsurpassed by any other tracking device. It can be customized so the cosmetic appearance adheres to the client’s requests. Regulation CFR 21 stipulates class II and class III medical equipment need to be tracked. Octaleus was designed to fit on these devices.
  • foto User Intuitive Application Octaleus’ app allows the user to set the frequency of the location reports as well as designate guard zones within a certain perimeter. These zone boundaries when crossed will send an alert to the user. Very useful for ensuring your asset is where it is supposed to be for inventory purposes. High ticket engineering equipment such as oscilloscopes and spectrum analyzers are often leased for a period of time before being purchased. Octaleus’ app will give you peace of mind knowing this equipment has not been moved from its intended location.
  • foto Sensors These sensors will detect temperature fluctuations and motion of an asset which is extremely useful when monitoring the health of an asset. Iso Tanks carrying bio-hazardous material can not only be tracked but also report when danger thresholds have been exceeded. Octaleus can also be updated wirelessly eliminating the need to send the device back to the factory for firmware upgrades.

Tracking possibilities are only as limited as your imagination. Here are just a few examples of what Octaleus is tracking.

Spectrum Analyzer

Analog Oscilloscope


Medical Device

Octaleus ABOUT US

At Octaleus, we believe that technology, design, and ingenuity can solve problems that most businesses take for granted. We operate a subscription based enterprise level tracking system that can track any device, anywhere using bluetooth and other wireless technologies. We give businesses insight into the utilization of their assets that have never before been possible.


We target all markets affiliated with tracking valuable mobile assets. From the military to small | medium size business as well as large corporate enterprises. Octaleus can do it all.


Octaleus has one of the most sophisticated and user friendly mobile applications created to make mobile asset tracking easy and affordable.


Software as a Service application hosted securely in the cloud. IT experience, knowledge, and setup are not required.


With a patent pending technology we offer a full service solution. Tracking Tags, Mobile App, Cellular Service, and Analytical Dashboard. We have it all.


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